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Our Season

Our season usually starts around mid April depending on the weather. We finish our season up by mid July depending on our inventory. You may order any time, after the first of the year for the following season.

  Special Order

We do provide for special orders and these too can be picked up at one of our  locations by prior arrangement. For custom orders, please place orders by March 1st, or after that you may still choose from a large inventory of baskets and containers already planted. See our online store for more information. Not all plants or pots shown are available; plants, pots, etc are shown for reference only.

We provide the following:        
Baskets:   Plant Choices:   Color Choices:
14" Sunny Moss Basket   Hanging Bidens Million Bells   Pinks and purples
16" Garden Pulp Basket   Hanging Diascia Geraniums   Reds and Yellows
    Hanging Lobelia    
    Hanging Orange Cape Daisy    
    Hanging Petunias    
    Hanging Verbenas    
    Hanging Yellow Cape Daisy    
    Add-on Choices:   Color Choices:
14" Begonia Basket   Vinca Vine   Red
16" Begonia Basket   Impatiens   Yellow
    Lobelia   White
    Fuchsias   Orange
    Coleus   Pink
    Add-on Choices:   Color Choices:
12" Pulp Basket  Ivy Geraniums   Yellow Bidens   Red
    Blue Lobelia   Pinks
    Verbena   Dark Purple
    Vinca Vine   Light Purple
    Add-on Choices:   Color Choices:
Hanging Petunias   Yellow Bidens   Dark Blue
    Verbenas   Light Blue
    Vinca Vine   Pink
    Lobelia   Purple
Containers:   Plant Choices:   Color Combo Choices:
Sunny Combos   Verbenas   Reds, Oranges
9" Combo      Spike   Pinks, Purples, Yellows
14" Combo   Grasses    
16" Combo   Cape Daisy   Red, White and Blue
    Plant Choices:   Color Combo Choices:
Shady Combos   Begonias   Reds, Oranges , and Yellows
9" Combo      Spikes   Pinks, Purples, Yellows
14" Combo   Sweet Potato Vine    
16" Combo   Vinca Vine   Red, White and Blue
Pouches:   Color Choices:    
Sunny Combo   Blues    
Begonia Combo   Pinks    
Wreaths:   Plant Choices:    
14" Wreath   Chicks    
20" Wreath   Hens    
Zonal Geraniums:   Color Choices:    

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